2013 July

Hackleton Primary Fundraising Despite Robbery!

I met the children and staff of Hackleton Primary School, Northamptonshire last summer when I launched the ‘Be the Best you can Be’ Project for 21st Century Legacy, but I had no idea that they really are the best!

The school decided to secretly raise funds to help cover my training costs but was broken into in March and £350 was stolen. However, the children had taken the be the best you can be message to heart and were determined not to be beaten. They went all out to raise more money and presented me with a check for over £5000 last week!

I was overwhelmed and had to fight back the tears РI have wonderful support since breaking my back 7 years ago but this is something else! I cannot believe their monumental fundraising achievement!

Funds raised will help cover my paralympic ski training costs. I am travelling to New Zealand to train with the British Disabled Ski Team in August and the funds will pay for my flights, accommodation, coaching and race fees.

Backing like this does more than just help pay the costs, it really spurs me on to be the best I can be!

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