I Give Everything


In 2006 Anna broke her back snowboard racing, pushing herself at what she loved best. Determined not to be defeated, Anna decided to become a Paralympic Ski Racer.

After 3 years training, Anna came 6th in the 2010 Vancouver Paralympics. She now aims to win a gold medal in the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games.

This is your chance to sponsor an athlete who brings ambition, energy and determination to everything she does.

Anna currently funds her own training and competition costs.

I compete in the same disciplines as Olympic ski racers.

The same runs, and the same courses.

The difference is, I do it without the use of my legs.

For me, gold at the Winter Paralympics 2014 would be a huge personal success, and for all of us another decisive victory over adversity.

Think positive and great things happen.

I train 4 to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week

Training schedule


  • January:
    • IPCAS races (won gold)
    • British Disabled Ski Team training
    • Europa Cup speed races, Travisio, Italy
  • February:
    • Europa Cup Finals, Tignes, France
    • World Championships, La Molina, Spain
  • March:
    • World Cup Finals, Sochi, Russia
    • Paralympic test event
  • April:
    • British Disabled Ski Team Technical training, Austria
  • May:
    • Fitness testing, UK
  • June – July:
    • Strength and Conditioning, University of Birmingham, UK
  • July – August:
    • Training, New Zealand
  • September:
    • Strength and Conditioning, University of Birmingham, UK
  • October – November:
    • Training, Austria
  • December:
    • Europa Cup Races


  • January:
    • World Cup Races
  • February:
    • Paralympic Holding Camp
  • March:
    • Paralympic Games, Sochi, Russia

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